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Why Do We Define Sex Only By Penetration? Human Interest 

Why Do We Define Sex Only By Penetration?

Sex is something people, for the most part, aren’t comfortable talking about. But when they do talk about it, the conversation usually steers towards penetration and varied positions during the period of intercourse. For many, it would almost be impossible to experience or even think about sex without the idea of penetration; for them satisfaction stems from penetration. While for others, the mere act of stimulation, that does not even involve penetration, is a satisfying enough sexual experience. Let us look at both arguments, and keep the progressive nature of the world we live in at the forefront.

Misconceptions About A Woman’s Virginity

For a man, the idea of having lost his virginity is almost explicitly defined as having penetrative sex. Or, at least, this is the common understanding. On the other hand, for the longest time, a woman’s virginity had been defined by the status of her hymen; intact or torn. It was the general understanding that the hymen was the best indicator of having had penetrative sex. Let us look at one glaring reason why this is an extremely foolish way to judge the situation; here, we must stress that we are only trying to quash a pre-existing notion. Other than the insertion of a penis into a vagina, a tampon (a very commonly used item, can also tear or “stretch” the hymen. Masturbation is also something that can have the same effect. So can running, horse-riding, hurdling, etc.

'Cause apparently, the penis is so sacred that its entry changes everything!
‘Cause apparently, the penis is so sacred that its entry changes everything!

“Full” Sex And False Notions About It

Full sex, the act of apparently having sex that counts as intercourse, is (for most people) characterised by penetration. This is a misconceived notion. Sexual pleasure, that defines its namesake, sex, need not be achieved only by penetration. Stimulation is something that is very different for different people. Heck, most of us could easily confuse someone licking our feet for someone licking our genitals because of the proximity between both stimuli in the brain! Another reason to think about the above assumption is when discussing sexual pleasure for same sex couples. It is not always that there is penetration involved, in fact, for the most part, intercourse for same sex couples is merely oral pleasure. What about people who, for various reasons, can’t achieve an erection or can’t feel anything from the neck down? if you have watched the intouchables (a really nice French movie about a friendship that develops between a rich man paralysed neck down and his caregiver), intercourse is pretty much just a sensual touching of the ears – that’s enough to get him off!

It is also the case that penetrative sexual encounters might not be satisfying at all, while non-penetrative incidents might be much more satisfying as well as fulfilling.

Though one is not sure just how much this counts...
Though one is not sure just how much this counts…

It is for these reasons that the present notion of full sex, is something that is misconceived. Sex is about pleasure, stimulation, and satisfaction – and for some, a deep emotional connection.

Any form of intimacy that lives up to this should fulfil all the criteria that are required for “full” sex.

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