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The Live Food Trend – And Yet Another Perversion Of Our Standards Human Interest 

The Live Food Trend – And Yet Another Perversion Of Our Standards

Over time, our innovative, yet sometimes, absurd food fetishes never go unnoticed. Some of which catch on and are thoroughly enjoyed, and others, that are extremely appalling must be put to an end. It is one such fetish that has developed, and instead of petering out, it seems to have caught on even though the practice was receiving extremely mixed reviews.

The Fetish and The Process Involved

A lot of us have sent food back at a restaurant because it was under cooked; but apparently, the trend right now is for your food to be served alive – the animal is alive while people eat him/her, or at least, is in the process of dying a slow and painful death as you consume him/her. This is a trend currently spreading across America. The victim of choice is the octopus – but this has not stopped them from experimenting with lobsters, frogs, shrimps, and other animals. The process, as we had already mentioned before, is slow and extremely painful. When, say an octopus, is not completely used for one order, it is left in a pathetic and twitching state of pain until it is required in the future. After this, the chef pulls out the intestines, and then lets the octopus die; slowly and painfully. According to Dr. Jennifer Mather, the octopus feels just as much pain as a human being or any animal that goes through a slaughter house.

While many people have expressed their disgust on the subject, some restaurants have begun dishing out speciality hot pots. Allowing these victims to slowly boil away, while hungry diners slowly poke at the pot and relish in the agony of these tiny living beings.

Quite sadistic, with borderline homicidal tendencies, in a nutshell.

Cooking live fish over a low flame and eating it almost raw
If that’s not twisted, not much is!

To Rejoice, or To Stop?

We live in an age that takes animal rights extremely seriously – and rightfully so! animal cruelty is a punishable offence in most countries. While we refuse to accept our products being tested on animals, how can we stand and watch this happen, when it is of the same calibre, if not worse? While the current outbreak is still confined to America and Japan at the moment, it could “go viral” any time.

Being the loving, caring and peaceful beings we believe ourselves to be, it would only be right to put an end to the trend before it becomes bigger. Doing the contrary, and allowing this crazy fetish to continue, would go on to prove that we are a selfish species. It is something that is synonymous with our barbaric nature that we have tried to rid ourselves of over the many years of our existence – in an attempt to become more civilised, with refined taste, we have found ourselves filling the shoes of our roots.

It is of the utmost importance that we treat animals with the basic standards of dignity we’d offer to any humans. If we are intent on consuming them, a quick and painless death trumps that which we currently put them through – slow, painful, and one that no living thing should ever go through.

Warning: Graphic Video

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