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Rock ‘n’ Roll – Sex, Drugs, Alcohol, And, Apparently, Casinos!!! Media, Entertainment, & Sports 

Rock ‘n’ Roll – Sex, Drugs, Alcohol, And, Apparently, Casinos!!!

The stereotype for Rock ‘n’ Roll, apart from the music and the care-free “stick it to the man” attitude, has always been sex, drugs, and alcohol. But there is something we seemed to have missed along the way as well, another feature in this lifestyle that had not been subtle at all, but we seemed to miss because of the other even more obvious attributes. It is the part of Rock ‘n’ Roll that revolves around casinos and the games played in them – singing about them, spending their time there, and even playing at them. It does resonate with the carefree attitude that the musicians have been labelled to possess.

How Rock ‘n’ Roll And Gambling Are more Closely Knit Than We Realise

Rock found its roots deep seated in the blues of the Southern American states; also, the place from whencer poker comes. While the blues were songs that stemmed from hardship, one is always blue about a big loss, especially while gambling; St. James Infirmary Blues is one song that comes to mind while talking about the subject. It would later go on to be covered by a number of bands, most remarkably, in the genre of Rock, by The White Stripes.

Rock ‘n’ Roll – Sex, Drugs, Alcohol, And, Apparently, Casinos!!!
Meg White of the White Stripes

With endless possibilities for inspiration, these luck based games have provided a number of bands with themes and lyrics for songs. From Tumbling Dice by The Rolling stones, Motorhead’s Ace of Spades and, for all those metal heads out there , to Roulette by System of a Down. If that was not enough, Country Music legend Gram Parsons wrote a song about the Mecca for gamblers, titled “Ooh Las Vegas.” It isn’t plain dumb luck at all that inspiration has come from these games, and they will continue to inspire.

Legends Guns ‘n’ Roses also chose the city to host their reunion concert, almost as if there existed a sacred bond between the two. The Las Vegas casinos try to rope in bands on tour to perform on their stages. What better place to perform a song about games than where they are played?

Another Reason For Parents To Keep Their Kids Away From Rock ‘n’ Roll?

Rock ‘n’ Roll has been known to worry many parents about the exposure their children encounter, more particularly in especially conservative households. Apparently, it is the music of the Devil himself. This was mostly because of all the sex, drugs, alcohol, and rebellious behaviour the genre apparently advocates – for most it is nothing more than liberation.

Rock ‘n’ Roll – Sex, Drugs, Alcohol, And, Apparently, Casinos!!!
Passionately covered even by System of a Down!!!

Now, with the idea of gambling increasingly coming into the picture, is this just another reason for the genre to be shot down? While everything stated is awfully stereotypical, we still believe that music should be independent of bias.

We listen to what we do because we like it – in whatever way it pleases us – and no one should be able to advocate otherwise.

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