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Skepticism In The States – Climate Change Just Got a Whole Lot Scarier Science & Tech 

Skepticism In The States – Climate Change Just Got a Whole Lot Scarier

Trump’s disbelief in climate change is something that shocked environmentalists all over the world. For one, he believes that climate change was just a hoax created by the Chinese as a ploy to stifle first-world industry.

In most cases, Trump seems comical about his disbelief – almost disregarding how senile he comes off as,

It’s really cold outside, they are calling it a major freeze, weeks ahead of normal. Man, we could use a big fat dose of global warming!

But what has come to matter now is that his candidate of choice for attorney general, also shares the similar views on the subject and merely reinforces what Trump believes is right. The same holds with his choice for head of the Environment Protection Agency!

Sessions On Climate Change

The man of the hour is the Alabama Republican Senator, Jeff Sessions. Sessions has questioned the scientific backing of manmade climate change and, in addition to this, he has also been extremely vocal (against) the EPA’s regulatory outreach. This is Trump’s first step towards achieving his goal of overturning numerous climate policies set up by Obama. At this moment, we shall let the fact that his is a misogynistic and bigoted racist take the back seat as we look at his take on a matter that could probably kill us all – independent of what race or gender we are. It is very important to him that Americans lead the extensive lifestyle they are used to, and obviously, with climate change in the picture, that can’t happen, right? This is what he had to say about one particular subject – the cost of electricity, during the 2014 Senate floor speech,

I don’t know we know enough now to answer this question conclusively either way, but there’s been a lot of exaggeration, there’s been a lot of hype, and people are feeling the crunch already in their electric bills… in our effort to stop storms that don’t seem to be going down, or to stop temperatures that don’t seem to be rising.

Yup, the soon-to-be POTUS is a dumbass!
Yup, the soon-to-be POTUS is a dumbass!

What’s not to agree with? This is just as good as saying an air conditioner can help us forget about the rise in temperature since it’s only a few degrees. We aren’t really solving the problem here; and by not tending to it, we’re only going to make matters worse. And honestly, we at Bodahub can’t seem to wrap our heads around people fussing about carbon pollution – if they had just taken the time to listen to sessions, all their worries would be no more. Here’s what he had to say on the topic in 2015, during a hearing of the Environment and Public Works Committee,

Carbon pollution is CO2, and that’s really not a pollutant. It’s a plant food, and it doesn’t really harm anybody except that it might include temperature increases.

Let us make one thing abundantly clear now – Climate change is, most definitely, real! It is almost at the point (some would argue that we have already crossed the point) where we are forcing ourselves into a potentially apocalyptic new epoch. The problem is that politicians, such as Sessions, who coincidentally, according to the’s financial database, received close to $400,000 in campaign contributions from various oil and gas industries, tend to impose their bias on everyone; while some might enjoy it, others just don’t want to die.

How Big Of A Threat Sessions Could Actually Be

It has taken considerably long, for America, to set their current climate policies. It would not be an easy task to execute Trump’s proposed rollback. Furthermore, the EPA is the regulatory authority in the case of the set regulations, and for an attorney general to roll them back would be close to impossible. Sessions’ only power here would be to choose those laws that are enforced; he would also control decisions to be made regarding civil lawsuits filed against industries by environmental groups or vice versa. Bill Snape, senior counsel at the Centre for Biological Diversity, sums this up nicely:

Undoing rules takes time, but in the meanwhile, the Justice Department is going to have a lot of sway over how they’re depicting existing pieces like the Clean Power Plan.

But we must also remember that, sometimes, small (supposedly) insignificant changes could cause huge change in the long run – almost like the first person who decided burning plastic might be a good idea to get rid of it.

Skepticism In The States – Climate Change Got a Whole Lot Scarier
Of course, the wild seals won’t last long with this government! Picture courtesy Political Cartoons

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