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About Us

The world is consuming information at an unprecedented level as technology has changed the method of access and sources of knowledge like never before.

The rise of digital content has led to people knowing and reacting to information in new ways.

We like the less talked-about stories – the ones that address an uncomfortable topic or an alternative perspective. We also found ourselves going to multiple sources to access these stories and found only an insignificant number of such stories from the Indian perspective.

A bunch of guys from Madras – in the great state of Tamilnadu – got together on to address this. We want to be the premier source for alternative, counterculture stories on the internet. We will present some of the most compelling alternative – and sometimes ignored – views out there – with the Indian perspective.

We believe a good story can come from anywhere, and that everyone has at least one in us. So tell us more, we’re always listening.

Read more about other stuff we do over here.